Your One-stop Solution for

Translation Office Management

With more than 10 years of market experience, T.O.M. is today an established office solution for translation agencies big and small - Windows and Mac compatible.
T.O.M. is an allround information manager, your Swiss knife to cope with your day-to-day tasks; it is a powerful time-saver with its highly automated project managing processes; and it is flexible to adapt to your local requirements, in whatever country you may be based.

TOM for Agencies

The Agency edition manages multi-language projects from quoting through order processing to invoicing, with full integration of supplier resources, CAT tools, e-mail traffic and calendar management. TOM Agency makes your project work flow!

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TOM Solito for Freelancers

TOM Solito is the tool for freelance translators to manage their own jobs efficiently; organize business data from quoting to invoicing; integrate TM data more efficiently. Includes e-mail & calendar management.

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